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Mixing cultural experience with wildlife adventure

Buffalo Base is a friendly guesthouse and campsite, just 8 kilometres from the Katurum entry gate of Kidepo Valley National park.

Buffalo Base is the place to stay for those who want to mix their wildlife experience with local culture. We offer accommodation for both budget and mid-range clients. Offering single, double and dorm rooms and a campsite. Electricity, DSTV and flushing toilets are available. We have our own restaurant and bar with local and international dishes and ice-cold beers!

Buffalo Base is set up to involve the local community and is run by the people from Karenga and its surrounding villages. The staff at the Buffalo Base know the local culture and landscape and so who’s better to guide you on a walk through the mountain range next to the village? Or to help you understand the traditions you see as you walk through the surrounding villages? Our mission is to offer you something different – a genuine cultural experience, a friendly easy-going atmosphere the best possible comforts you’ll find in this remote area.

Buffalo Base offers more than wildlife adventures in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Our team

Boniface Othieno
Boniface OthienoGeneral Manager
Tasks: Maintaining the guesthouse, bookkeeping, recruiting new staff, receiving guests and taking care of the security.

Hobbies: Playing and watching football (Manchester United fan), spending time with friends, cooking and visiting new places.

Dreams and ambitions: Becoming one of the best hotel managers and turning Buffalo Base into an even more popular guesthouse.

Gloria Achen
Gloria AchenRoom Attendant
Tasks: Cleaning the rooms, making the beds and doing the laundry.

Hobbies: Listening to gospel & country music (Don Williams is one of my favourite singers), reading novels and watching movies (horror, action & real life.

Dreams and ambitions: Becoming a businesswoman and being a good mother.

Emmanuel Logwee
Emmanuel LogweeGuide
Tasks: Cleaning the public areas and guiding during nature walks and cultural visits.

Hobbies: Adventurous activities such as hiking and nature walks, attending cultural events, playing and watching football (Manchester United fan).

Dreams and ambitions: looking after my brothers and sisters, forming a family and improving my guiding skills.

Hillary Lopeyok
Hillary LopeyokKitchen Assistant
Tasks: Helping in the kitchen & cleaning the dishes.

Hobbies: Watching football on tv (Manchester United fan), sharing ideas with the rest of the team, hiking and reading newspapers.

Dreams & ambitions: Promoting Buffalo Base, forming a family and following an education in management & catering.

The Karamojong

The Karamojong People live in very traditional communities. Originally a pastoral society, cows and other livestock are very important in everyday life. Although western influences are visible everywhere, most aspects of life are the same as they were decades ago. Don’t be surprised to find a Karamojong hunting party with bows and spears on the road. Don’t fear them, it’s just their way of life!

Unlike most other Ugandans, many Karamojong shun western-style clothes and instead wear ‘traditional’ dress of a blanket-like shawl, often in red and black. The women wear elaborate beadwork. The towering young Karamojong warriors strike an dignified pose in spite of the miniature round hats that they proudly display on their heads!

Buffalo Base works together with several communities to organise guided village trips. The local communities really benefit from your visits. They create jobs and opportunities to sell arts and crafts. Karenga Cultural Group is one of the local organisations who benefit from Buffalo Base. They perform and organises workshops for the visitors at Buffalo Base.