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Climb Morungule to visit the IK

Imagine visiting one of the most remote tribes in Africa. It is an all-day hike that you’ll remember as one of your best experiences in Africa, following a route through the scenic Morungole Mountains 2 hours drive from Buffalo Base. The IK people live in several small villages arranged in protective clusters. Each small village is surrounded by an outer wall constructed of interwoven sticks and branches. Within the villages are further sectioned off areas for households and granaries. Cattle is no longer kept for fear of raids from other tribes so most farm and keep goats.

Visiting the IK gives you a rare insight into a unique tribe in Africa. You will find stunningly beautiful Scenery the higher your climb takes you, simply breathtaking scenes in the valleys below you and into the Eastern Rift Valley of Kenya and over to Southern Sudan.

This isn’t a tourist extraction where things are staged. Be mindful you are visiting the IK’s home, please be respectful when taking photographs, though we suspect the children will be keen to pose for a few shots!

We arrange trips to visit the IK throughout the year. Please get in touch to arrange your adventure.



Duration: 2 to 6 hours
Number in group: 2 to 6

Long walk (Short drive)
This hike will take about 4 hours climbing up and approximately 2 hours coming down. The starting point is 45 minutes drive from Buffalo Base at Usake.

Short walk (Long drive)
This hike will take about 2.5 hours climbing up and approximately 1 hour coming down. The starting point is a 2 hours drive from Buffalo Base at Kaabong (Kawalakol).

Cost: 30 USD per person

The IK journey

Other activities and services

Dance and Music Workshop
Karenga Cultural Group

Total Cost: 20 USD / 70,000 UGSH

Nature Walk
Karenga Mountain & Surrounds

Cost per person: 10 USD / 35,000 UGSH

Car Rental

Car and guide/driver per day:
75 USD / 260,000 UGSH

Full day safari KVNP:
110 USD / 385,000 UGSH

Half day safari KVNP:
55 USD / 192,500 UGSH

Guide in the park for 1 day:
20 USD / 70,000 UGSH

Guide outside the park for 1 day:
15 USD / 40,000 UGSH

Kitgum Pick-up:
85 USD / 295,000 UGSH

Kaabong Pick-up:
75 USD / 260,000 UGSH

Kotido Pick-up:
100 USD / 347,000 UGSH

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