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We offer more than wildlife adventures

Buffalo Base is a friendly guesthouse and campsite, just 8 kilometres from the Katurum entry gate of Kidepo Valley National Park in the Karamoja region of North-Eastern Uganda. Located in the Karenga village, Buffalo Base is the place to stay for those who want to mix their wildlife experience with local culture. We offer accommodation for both budget and mid-range clients, cultural activities and guided safaris.

Buffalo Base Staff


Rooms (bed only, half or full board), Bar and Restaurant

Buffalo Base Local Dance Group

Community Activities

Local dance group, cultural village and mountain walks

Buffalo Base local walks

Local walks and village visit

Meet the people of Karenga village

Buffalo Base local walks

Visit the IK

Hike with guides to visit the IK people

Accommodation at Buffalo Base


from 10 USD

A traditional Ugandan round hut with painted walls and a thatched roof.


from 25 USD

All self-contained with toilets and shower. Also Dorms available with shared bathrooms.


5 USD per person

We have room for 5 tents with parking with views of the wildlife corridor.

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Get to know the Karenga people

Buffalo Base is run by people from Karenga and its surrounding villages. They know the local culture, and landscape. Who better to guide you on a walk through the mountain range next to the village? Or to help you understand the local traditions you see as you walk through the surrounding villages? Buffalo Base offers more than wildlife adventures in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Explore more of Uganda

Kidepo National Park

The most 'wild' of all the game parks in Uganda with sprawling savannah, it's a must-see destination voted Africa's third best park by CNN Travel.

Safari Drive and Wilderness walk

Spend a few days exploring Uganda’s most isolated national park and most magnificent wildernesses. Kidepo is composed of open savannah grassland, dominated by a mixture of acacia and other perennial grasses. There are some unique animals to the park including Hyaenas, Aardwolf, Kudu, Dik-Dik, Bright’s Gazelle and Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck. On your drive you are likely to see African Elephants, Zebras, Buffalo in their thousands, Waterbuck, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Lions, a Leopard (if you’re lucky) and of course Vultures.

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The IK of Morungule

Approximately 10,000 Ik live in the mountains of northeastern Uganda. They speak a unique dialect unlike anything spoken by their neighbouring Karamojong.

Visit the IK on Mt Morungule

Trekking up Mount Morungule in search of the IK people is a rare experience seldom found in other parts of central Africa. The round trip trek of 4-6 hours takes you through a beautiful landscape. The climb is very steep, starting at about 1500 metres and climbs to 2700 for a view of the Sudanese and Kenyan borders. On the way you’ll pass many IK villages all surrounded by walls of branches. You’ll be followed by many excited children along the path and meet people of all ages making the journey to the lowlands to trade their grains.

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Kampala Guest House

ICU is an oasis in Kampala! Our clean, safe and comfortable 10 bedroom guesthouse is located in a villa in the calm outskirts of Kampala.

Home away from home

Since 2009 ICU Guesthouse has provided high standard accommodation for low budget travelers looking for a cozy, family-like atmosphere. If you are planning to stay in Kampala for a while, we offer great discounts for long term guests, special rates for groups of 10 people and more and a perfect environment to work on your research, internship or project. We know how important it is to feel at home while being away from home and therefore provide a warm and comfortable place in Kampala.

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What do people say about us?

A really great place to stay

“We stayed at Buffalo Base for three nights, and we could not ask for a better place to stay. The staff was really giving us the best service we could ask for. The location is just outside Kidepo Valley National Park, and other activities such as hiking is close. Highly recommended!”

jfm1337 Kampala, Uganda, TripAdvisor
The staff is very friendly

“We stayed one night in Buffalo Base because we made a game drive in Kidepo National Park. We had a great time at this hotel. The staff is very friendly and although the hotel is basic, it is very comfortable and clean. There is electricity (no wifi), running water and a great terrace to eat outside. We made two game drivers and we say several hyenas, a cheetah and a leopard, what a great day!”

Jopy1988 Utrecht Province, The Netherlands, TripAdvisor
Excellent retreat near kidepo

“We had an hour survey of Buffalo base accommodation facility in Karenga and the surroundings in November 2016 during our Fam trip. The staff was willing to help, the environment in which the facility is located is surely a nice place for camping and retreats away from your usual environment.”